I am a pianist, guitarist, flutist, bassist, drummer, and music producer/dj. I was passionate enough about music from a young age to consume any content possible, and learn nearly any instrument put in front of me. For most of my life I was writing so much music without a proper method of recording – so I decided to pursue the Digital Audio Workspace – Ableton. After learning Ableton at Dubspot in New York City, I went on to finish my education in Strategic Communications, and found my Entertainment Communications Company, Family Recipe Entertainment.

If you would like to hear my music – search for me on Spotify, Apple Music, Itunes, Amazon, Shazam, your preferred streaming outlet, or feel free to travel to my “Work/Social Media” tab on this website.

While I have played at- Light Nightclub (Las Vegas; Pictured Right), Le Souk Harem (New York City), Spill Party (North Carolina), Randall’s Island (New York City), Cantina Rooftop (New York City), Havana Nightclub (Atlanta), High Point University (Played with Andy Grammar, Cheat Codes, and Daya), Limelight Nightclub (North Carolina), and The Library (North Carolina)- I am currently spending my time producing and recording exclusively.

Night Clubs are fun and all, but I appreciate giving back to the community more than anything. Through multiple events I have helped to raise over 50,000 for many different causes included food poverty, and children’s cancer.

If you would like to book me please travel to the contact tab where you will find the rest of my information.